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China Best Sales Hydraulic Orbit Motor Gear Motor for Construction Machine Orbital Motor Bm5 Bmr BMP Omm Series Piston Motor Hydraulic Wheel Motor vacuum pump belt

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Parameter Sheet

  245 310 390 490 625 800
Flow(LPM) Cont. 80 80 80 80 80 80
Int. 100 100 100 100 100 100
Speed(RPM) Cont. 320 250 200 200 160 120
Int. 350 280 230 200 160 120
Pressure(Mpa) Cont. 14 14 14 14 12.5 10
Int. 15 15 15 15 13 12
Torque(N*m) Cont. 400 500 550 680 780 800
Int. 420 520 580 700 800 820

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1.Quick response within 12 hours 

2.Accept small order(MOQ:1pcs) 

3.Custom service.Unusual packaging,standard packing or as customer required 

4.Excellent after-sales service 

5.Strict quality control system.100% factory testing and inspection personnel in accordance with international standards for the high-frequency sampling, to ensure the quality of products manufactured

6.Accept ODM&OEM
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1.Standard wooden case or cartonbox
2.Safety for long-distance transportation
3.All of the productions will be checked carefully before delivery

Pre-sales Service
1. Inquiry and consulting support
2. Sample testing support
3. Recommend the most suitable machine according to customer’s purpose
4. Factory visiting welcomed

After-sales Service
1. Training how to install the machine
2. Training how to use the machine
3. Warranty 1 year
4. Engineers available to service machinery oversea


1.why select us?
A:we are high end quality punching machine manufacturer.

2.How about your delivery time?
A:Uasually we will send your products 1-3 working days after receiving your advance payment. 
3.Do you provide after-sale service?
A: Our technical and quality team will support you any time if you need us.

4.What’s your warranty time?
A:Usually, our warranty time is 1 year.

5.How to place an order?
a.Please send us inquiry on make-in-China website or email/ ,we will discuss the details(price,parts number,color requirement,detail sizes,delivery time or any other requirements)
b.If the products meet your demands,we will make an proforma invoice for you and payment methods will be listed.
c.We will arrange delivery and send you pictures or videos to check,and send out in order as the payment is done.
d.After service for you anytime.If you have any questions about using or installing our products,welcome to contact us.We have mechanics for you until the products work perfectly.

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After-sales Service: Training/Online Support/Changing Spare Parts
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Motor
US$ 120/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

gear motor

How is the efficiency of a gear motor measured, and what factors can affect it?

The efficiency of a gear motor is a measure of how effectively it converts electrical input power into mechanical output power. It indicates the motor’s ability to minimize losses and maximize its energy conversion efficiency. The efficiency of a gear motor is typically measured using specific methods, and several factors can influence it. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Measuring Efficiency:

The efficiency of a gear motor is commonly measured by comparing the mechanical output power (Pout) to the electrical input power (Pin). The formula to calculate efficiency is:

Efficiency = (Pout / Pin) * 100%

The mechanical output power can be determined by measuring the torque (T) produced by the motor and the rotational speed (ω) at which it operates. The formula for mechanical power is:

Pout = T * ω

The electrical input power can be measured by monitoring the current (I) and voltage (V) supplied to the motor. The formula for electrical power is:

Pin = V * I

By substituting these values into the efficiency formula, the efficiency of the gear motor can be calculated as a percentage.

Factors Affecting Efficiency:

Several factors can influence the efficiency of a gear motor. Here are some notable factors:

  • Friction and Mechanical Losses: Friction between moving parts, such as gears and bearings, can result in mechanical losses and reduce the overall efficiency of the gear motor. Minimizing friction through proper lubrication, high-quality components, and efficient design can help improve efficiency.
  • Gearing Efficiency: The design and quality of the gears used in the gear motor can impact its efficiency. Gear trains can introduce mechanical losses due to gear meshing, misalignment, or backlash. Using well-designed gears with proper tooth profiles and minimizing gear train losses can improve efficiency.
  • Motor Type and Construction: Different types of motors (e.g., brushed DC, brushless DC, AC induction) have varying efficiency characteristics. Motor construction, such as the quality of magnetic materials, winding resistance, and rotor design, can also affect efficiency. Choosing motors with higher efficiency ratings can improve overall gear motor efficiency.
  • Electrical Losses: Electrical losses, such as resistive losses in motor windings or in the motor drive circuitry, can reduce efficiency. Minimizing resistance, optimizing motor drive electronics, and using efficient control algorithms can help mitigate electrical losses.
  • Load Conditions: The operating conditions and load characteristics placed on the gear motor can impact its efficiency. Heavy loads, high speeds, or frequent acceleration and deceleration can increase losses and reduce efficiency. Matching the gear motor’s specifications to the application requirements and optimizing load conditions can improve efficiency.
  • Temperature: Elevated temperatures can significantly affect the efficiency of a gear motor. Excessive heat can increase resistive losses, reduce lubrication effectiveness, and affect the magnetic properties of motor components. Proper cooling and thermal management techniques are essential to maintain optimal efficiency.

By considering these factors and implementing measures to minimize losses and optimize performance, the efficiency of a gear motor can be enhanced. Manufacturers often provide efficiency specifications for gear motors, allowing users to select motors that best meet their efficiency requirements for specific applications.

gear motor

Can you explain the role of backlash in gear motors and how it’s managed in design?

Backlash plays a significant role in gear motors and is an important consideration in their design and operation. Backlash refers to the slight clearance or play between the teeth of gears in a gear system. It affects the precision, accuracy, and responsiveness of the gear motor. Here’s an explanation of the role of backlash in gear motors and how it is managed in design:

1. Role of Backlash:

Backlash in gear motors can have both positive and negative effects:

  • Compensation for Misalignment: Backlash can help compensate for minor misalignments between gears, shafts, or the load. It allows a small amount of movement before engaging the next set of teeth, reducing the risk of damage due to misalignment. This can be particularly beneficial in applications where precise alignment is challenging or subject to variations.
  • Negative Impact on Accuracy and Responsiveness: Backlash can introduce a delay or “dead zone” in the motion transmission. When changing the direction of rotation or reversing the load, the gear teeth must first overcome the clearance or play before engaging in the opposite direction. This delay can reduce the overall accuracy, responsiveness, and repeatability of the gear motor, especially in applications that require precise positioning or rapid changes in direction or speed.

2. Managing Backlash in Design:

Designers employ various techniques to manage and minimize backlash in gear motors:

  • Tight Manufacturing Tolerances: Proper manufacturing techniques and tight tolerances can help minimize backlash. Precision machining and quality control during the production of gears and gear components ensure closer tolerances, reducing the amount of play between gear teeth.
  • Preload or Pre-tensioning: Applying a preload or pre-tensioning force to the gear system can help reduce backlash. This technique involves introducing an initial force or tension that eliminates the clearance between gear teeth. It ensures immediate contact and engagement of the gear teeth, minimizing the dead zone and improving the overall responsiveness and accuracy of the gear motor.
  • Anti-Backlash Gears: Anti-backlash gears are designed specifically to minimize or eliminate backlash. They typically feature modifications to the gear tooth profile, such as modified tooth shapes or special tooth arrangements, to reduce clearance. Anti-backlash gears can be used in gear motor designs to improve precision and minimize the effects of backlash.
  • Backlash Compensation: In some cases, backlash compensation techniques can be employed. These techniques involve monitoring the position or movement of the load and applying control algorithms to compensate for the backlash. By accounting for the clearance and adjusting the control signals accordingly, the effects of backlash can be mitigated, improving accuracy and responsiveness.

3. Application-Specific Considerations:

The management of backlash in gear motors should be tailored to the specific application requirements:

  • Positioning Accuracy: Applications that require precise positioning, such as robotics or CNC machines, may require tighter backlash control to ensure accurate and repeatable movements.
  • Dynamic Response: Applications that involve rapid changes in direction or speed, such as high-speed automation or servo control systems, may require reduced backlash to maintain responsiveness and minimize overshoot or lag.
  • Load Characteristics: The nature of the load and its impact on the gear system should be considered. Heavy loads or applications with significant inertial forces may require additional backlash management techniques to maintain stability and accuracy.

In summary, backlash in gear motors can affect precision, accuracy, and responsiveness. While it can compensate for misalignments, backlash may introduce delays and reduce the overall performance of the gear motor. Designers manage backlash through tight manufacturing tolerances, preload techniques, anti-backlash gears, and backlash compensation methods. The management of backlash depends on the specific application requirements, considering factors such as positioning accuracy, dynamic response, and load characteristics.

gear motor

How does the gearing mechanism in a gear motor contribute to torque and speed control?

The gearing mechanism in a gear motor plays a crucial role in controlling torque and speed. By utilizing different gear ratios and configurations, the gearing mechanism allows for precise manipulation of these parameters. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the gearing mechanism contributes to torque and speed control in a gear motor:

The gearing mechanism consists of multiple gears with varying sizes, tooth configurations, and arrangements. Each gear in the system engages with another gear, creating a mechanical connection. When the motor rotates, it drives the rotation of the first gear, which then transfers the motion to subsequent gears, ultimately resulting in the output shaft’s rotation.

Torque Control:

The gearing mechanism in a gear motor enables torque control through the principle of mechanical advantage. The gear system utilizes gears with different numbers of teeth, known as gear ratio, to adjust the torque output. When a smaller gear (pinion) engages with a larger gear (gear), the pinion rotates faster than the gear but exerts more force or torque. This results in torque amplification, allowing the gear motor to deliver higher torque at the output shaft while reducing the rotational speed. Conversely, if a larger gear engages with a smaller gear, torque reduction occurs, resulting in higher rotational speed at the output shaft.

By selecting the appropriate gear ratio, the gearing mechanism effectively adjusts the torque output of the gear motor to match the requirements of the application. This torque control capability is essential in applications that demand high torque for heavy lifting or overcoming resistance, as well as applications that require lower torque but higher rotational speed.

Speed Control:

The gearing mechanism also contributes to speed control in a gear motor. The gear ratio determines the relationship between the rotational speed of the input shaft (driven by the motor) and the output shaft. When a gear motor has a higher gear ratio (more teeth on the driven gear compared to the driving gear), it reduces the output speed while increasing the torque. Conversely, a lower gear ratio increases the output speed while reducing the torque.

By choosing the appropriate gear ratio, the gearing mechanism allows for precise speed control in a gear motor. This is particularly useful in applications that require specific speed ranges or variations, such as conveyor systems, robotic movements, or machinery that needs to operate at different speeds for different tasks. The speed control capability of the gearing mechanism enables the gear motor to match the desired speed requirements of the application accurately.

In summary, the gearing mechanism in a gear motor contributes to torque and speed control by utilizing different gear ratios and configurations. It enables torque amplification or reduction, depending on the gear arrangement, allowing the gear motor to deliver the required torque output. Additionally, the gear ratio also determines the relationship between the rotational speed of the input and output shafts, providing precise speed control. These torque and speed control capabilities make gear motors versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

China Best Sales Hydraulic Orbit Motor Gear Motor for Construction Machine Orbital Motor Bm5 Bmr BMP Omm Series Piston Motor Hydraulic Wheel Motor   vacuum pump belt	China Best Sales Hydraulic Orbit Motor Gear Motor for Construction Machine Orbital Motor Bm5 Bmr BMP Omm Series Piston Motor Hydraulic Wheel Motor   vacuum pump belt
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China best Hydraulic Gear Motor for 4ton~5ton Construction and Agricultural Machine Motor wholesaler

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1.Very aggressive cost
2.Totally interchangeable with first
three.Use for excavator or building equipment
four.Lower-noise, large efficiency, high dependability, prolonged daily life
five.Settle for orders for goods customized-produced according to your drawings or technical specification.
6.Items are exceptional in top quality. Each 1 solution, must go rigid inspection by our QC and engineer.
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1.Delivery Manner:  FOB HangZhou 
2.Shipping Time:  2 months following confirming the order
3.Regular Packing: Carton or picket case
four.Specific Packing:  We can talk about and assist you.
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HangZhou CZPT Hydraulic CZPT Co., Ltd was established in HangZhou Countrywide Substantial-tech Industrial Improvement Zone in 2006. We mainly focus in R&D, manufacture, product sales and services of hydraulic system of construction CZPT , mining CZPT and pilling equipment. The firm has researched and created touring unit covering with crawler machines from .8t to 36t ,recognized medium, small and mini-serialization sample. It has been domestic expert maker of crawler device at the preferential cost and the excellent high quality.

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How to Improve Equipment Motor Dependability

A gearmotor is a mechanical gadget utilised to transmit torque from 1 area to an additional. As its name implies, it is developed to rotate one item relative to one more. Its principal use is to transmit torque from 1 position to yet another. The most common kinds of gear motors are: worm, spur, and helical. Each of these has distinct features and can be used for a assortment of applications. Dependability is also an essential factor to consider when deciding on a gearmotor.

Purposes of a equipment motor

Despite its small measurement, a gear motor has a lot of apps. These incorporate hefty machinery lifts, clinic beds, and electricity recliners. It is also discovered in numerous daily items, this sort of as electromechanical clocks and cake mixers. Its flexibility makes it possible for it to generate a large force from a small electric motor. Right here are some of its most typical makes use of. You can also locate a equipment motor in several household appliances and automobiles.
Prior to picking a gearmotor, think about the technical specs of the device you want to energy. You must think about its dimensions, bodyweight, and ambient situations, which contain temperature regimes, sounds stages, and contaminating sources. You must also just take into account the envelope size, mounting approach, and orientation. Other considerations consist of the envisioned support lifestyle, servicing scope, and management type. The most ideal gearmotor for your particular software will be a single that can handle the load.
The motor and gearbox kinds can be blended and matched, relying on the application. A three-period asynchronous motor and a everlasting magnet synchronous servomotor are frequent alternatives for these units. The sort of motor and gearbox blend you pick will establish the electricity source, the efficiency of the motor, and price. Once you comprehend the application, it will be simple to integrate a gear motor into your technique.
When used in industrial purposes, equipment motors are efficient for reducing the pace of rotating shafts. 1 3rd of all industrial electric motor methods use gearing to lessen output velocity. They can also conserve strength, which rewards the personnel who operate them. In simple fact, industrial electric powered motor techniques are accountable for nearly 1-tenth of the carbon dioxide emissions that are developed by fossil-fueled energy crops. Thankfully, effectiveness and trustworthiness are just two of the positive aspects of making use of equipment motors.


Just before picking a gearmotor, it is essential to realize its technical specs. The important elements to contemplate are the size, weight, and sound stage of the gearmotor. Additionally, the electrical power, torque, and speed of the motor are crucial aspects. Technical specs are also essential for its running surroundings, this sort of as the temperature and the stage of ingress security. Finally, it is essential to establish its duty cycle to ensure it will function appropriately. To select a ideal gearmotor, check with the specifications of your application.
Some typical applications of gearmotors incorporate packaging equipment, conveyors, and substance dealing with apps. They also arrive with several rewards, which includes their capability to manage each placement and speed. This tends to make them ideal for applications the place velocity and positioning are crucial. Parallel-shaft gear units, for occasion, are typically utilised in conveyors, content handling, and metal mills. They are also in a position to function in high-precision production. For these causes, they are the most well-known kind of gearmotor.
There are 3 frequent varieties of gears. Helical gears have teeth that are inclined at ninety levels to the axis of rotation, making them much more successful. Helicoidal gears, meanwhile, have a decrease noise degree and are for that reason desired for apps demanding substantial torque. Worm gears are favored for applications where torque and speed reduction are crucial, and worm gears are suited for these situations. They also have benefits above spur gears and worm gears.
The software of a equipment motor is almost limitless. From weighty device lifts to clinic bed lifting mechanisms, gear motors make it attainable to use a modest rotor at a high speed. Their light-weight development also enables them to transfer large masses, this sort of as cranes, but they do so gradually. Equipment motors are an exceptional choice in purposes the place space is an concern. A handful of frequent purposes are talked about under. When picking a gear motor, keep in mind to choose the greatest dimension and application for your requirements.


A gearmotor’s speed is straight proportional to the equipment ratio. By dividing the enter pace by the equipment ratio, the output pace can be identified. Gear ratios previously mentioned one decrease speed, while equipment ratios beneath one particular increase velocity. Effectiveness of a gearmotor is outlined as its capability to transfer strength through its gearbox. This effectiveness factor takes into account losses from friction and slippage. Most gearmotor producers will give this curve on ask for.
There are many variables that should be regarded as when selecting a gearmotor. 1st, the application should meet up with the wanted speed and torque. 2nd, the output shaft should rotate in the sought after direction. 3rd, the load must be effectively matched to the gearmotor. Lastly, the operating environment have to be regarded, which includes the ambient temperature and the level of protection. These particulars will assist you locate the excellent gearmotor. You can examine various sorts of gear motors on this website page and choose the one particular that will satisfy your needs.
The micro-DC gear motor is one particular of the most flexible varieties of geared motors. These motors are commonly used in intelligent automobiles, robotics, logistics, and the smart metropolis. Other apps include precision instruments, private treatment equipment, and cameras. They are also generally located in large-conclude automotives and are utilized in intelligent towns. They also discover use in numerous fields including outdoor adventure products, pictures products, and electronics. The positive aspects of micro-DC equipment motors are a lot of.
The major operate of a gear motor is to minimize the velocity of a rotating shaft. Small electric powered clocks, for instance, use a synchronous motor with a 1,200-rpm output pace to travel the hour, moment, and next palms. Even though the motor is modest, the drive it exerts is massive, so it truly is vital to make certain that the motor isn’t really above-driven. There is a higher ratio in between the enter torque and the output torque.


The reliability of a equipment motor is dependent on a quantity of elements, such as materials quality, machining accuracy, and working circumstances. Gear failure is frequently a lot more serious than surface area exhaustion, and can compromise personalized safety. Dependability is also impacted by the problems of installation, assembly, and use. The adhering to sections offer an overview of some crucial aspects that influence gear motor trustworthiness. This report gives some guidelines to increase equipment motor trustworthiness.
1st and foremost, make sure you might be getting from a dependable supplier. Equipment motors are costly, and there is no standardization of the sizes. If a equipment breaks, changing it can get a good deal of time. In the lengthy operate, reliability wins more than anything. But this doesn’t indicate that you can ignore the importance of gears – the good quality of a equipment motor is much more critical than how prolonged it lasts.


The value of a gear motor is reasonably low compared to that of other kinds of electrical motors. This kind of motor is typically utilized in funds counters, printers, wise homes, and automation tools. A DC gear motor is also commonly employed in automated window equipment, glass curtain walls, and banknote vending machines. There are a lot of benefits to using a gear motor. Right here are a handful of of them. Go through on to understand much more about them.
Pace administration is an additional reward of a gear motor. The motors tend to have less put on and tear than other motors, which signifies much less repeated replacements. Moreover, numerous equipment motors are effortless to put in and require much less maintenance, which also helps reduce the general expense of possession. And lastly, because sound is a common worry for many electronic OEMs, DC gear motors are usually quieter than their counterparts. For these factors, they are usually employed in industrial configurations.
One more advantage of an electric powered equipment motor is its size and power. They are generally developed for 12V, 24V, and 48V voltages and two hundred-watt power. Their rated pace is 3000 rpm and their torque is .sixty four Nm. They are also far more reputable than their AC counterparts and are best for numerous industrial apps. They have a high ratio of three to two, which makes them ideal for a assortment of purposes.
A gear motor is an electric motor that is coupled with a gear train. It employs AC or DC electrical power, and is frequently called a gear reducer. The major goal of these equipment reducers is to multiply torque, whilst maintaining compact dimensions and total effectiveness. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of a gear motor is also influenced by ambient temperature and lubricants. If the equipment motor is put in in the improper location, it could be ineffective and end result in untimely failure of the machine.

China best Hydraulic Gear Motor for 4ton~5ton Construction and Agricultural Machine Motor     wholesaler China best Hydraulic Gear Motor for 4ton~5ton Construction and Agricultural Machine Motor     wholesaler